The Voice of Brooksville Main Street

Welcome to the Voice of Brooksville Main Street, a blog we hope you will always find “straight-up” (as my uncle used to put it). By that I mean, we are committed to bringing you facts, figures and opinions about matters concerning Brooksville Main Street that are professional, meaningful, accurate, and which sometimes you may find a bit edgy. 
Our goal is to make sure you, as a Brooksville business or property owner, have a voice. So, the Voice of Brooksville Main Street is going to express what we find are your voices, and which we’ll share anonymously with others, unless you wish otherwise. 
You will find “first person singular” used freely here because a real person will be writing the words, not an institution or department, a real human, starting with me, but with others who are out in the community, engaged: 
  • working to help revitalize the city by locating and keeping thriving businesses behind the store-fronts, 
  • respecting and protecting its unique historical architectural heritage, 
  • and finding ways to bring the full strength and good-faith commitment of our City Council on board to help Brooksville, our City, achieve the amazing promise it holds.
So, welcome. Come along with me. Get engaged. Speak up. Join the Brooksville parade of voices who support our, and your, goals for the City. 
We Believe in Brooksville!
… stay tuned.
The Voice of Brooksville Main Street
Open Minds

Have you watched the latest Brooksville City Council meeting online? The most amazing and rare thing happened: an elected official gathered information and changed his mind after listening to the people of the community! It was so wonderful and refreshing to see City Council Member David Bailey explain how he filled out the annual review […]

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The Voice of Brooksville Main Street: An Introduction

You’re probably a bit surprised receiving this email from Brooksville Main Street so let me say up front, defenders of Brooksville Main Street have decided it needs to speak up. Yes, we want you to know what we’re all about. That’s important. But we also think you deserve to be informed of other matters that […]

Sincere and Special Thanks to the Council Members Who Supported Us … but geeze

Here’s a rundown on the “virtual” meeting held by the Brooksville City Council Monday evening (5/18). I told you we wouldn’t sugar coat it. _______ Well, Monday night (5/18) the Brooksville City Council graciously approved funding for the second quarter (Jan - Mar) of its grant to the Brooksville Main Street program. The amount was […]

A bit of history about the origins of Brooksville Vision Foundation and Brooksville Main Street

Last week, Brooksville Main Street made its request for funding assistance to the City of Brooksville and Hernando County Governments for the coming year. These are difficult times for all, so we know there are going to be some tough discussions and hard budgetary decisions. It’s appropriate and we expect it.  So, with this in […]

Why Doesn't The City "Believe In Brooksville"?

If you Google “banner,” you’ll find among other definitions that it is a “a long strip of flexible material displaying a slogan, advertisement, etc., especially one suspended between two points.” You will also find they are typically used to refer to “something that represents a belief or principle.” I don’t know where Google gets its […]

Biting the Hand that Feeds Them

You know something? There’s a difference between being outspoken because you’re a bully and being outspoken because you’re being bullied. And I guess my last post has some at City Hall feeling that my outspokenness was an attempt by Brooksville Main Street to bully them. Comments at their last council meeting suggested it was akin […]

An Open Letter to Brooksville City Council

July 7, 2020 City of Brooksville City Council 201 Howell Avenue Brooksville, FL 34601 RE: Beautification Board/ BMS Dear Council Members: First off, I’d like to say thank you for my appointment to the City’s Beautification Board during last Monday evening’s City Council meeting. I feel strongly that I should support the City I live […]

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